Why I Love Shopping

You know how some people know they were meant to be something – like meant to be President, meant to be a Doctor, meant to be a mom? Well, I am sure that I was meant to shop!

That might sound over the top but there’s just something about that moment where I head into a shopping mall or a special shop…. when I find that item which is just right… when I find a great deal… and when I walk out of the store with that special something. Nothing beats it for me.

I am so passionate about shopping that I think I have turned it into an art form. It’s beautiful and I am very very good at it! So good, in fact, that I have managed to make a career out of it as a personal shopper. Believe it or not but I actually make money from shopping for others. Talk about my dream job!

I basically do freelance shopping work for people who need a special purchase. If you are looking for a flattering dress for a special occasion, the perfect gift for a special someone or just want some help buying decorator items for your home, I’m your gal. I’ve found everything from prized dresses for award ceremonies to the perfect little teapot for a sunday afternoon tea.

In fact, I so can’t get enough of shopping that a friend said I should start a blog about it – which is what I’m doing! I’m going to start writing about some of the special purchases I make. If I’m being honest, I also want a platform where I can show prospective clients what I can do. This will be it!

So keep coming back. Visit me at shoppingtiffany.com¬†for shopping inspiration. And if you need some help with your shopping, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to help.